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Design Tips & Templates

Digital Specs

Digital OOH art files are very small and easily emailed. The preferred file size will vary depending on the size and dot pitch of the digital unit.

The files should be created at the actual display ratio. This provides the sharpest possible image by alleviating the need to “down sample” the artwork before use. Designing at the actual pixels’ density also limits use of extremely small type. 

Design Tips

Rich, bold background colors work better during the day, while pastel backgrounds are more vibrant at night. 

Choose one message or idea. The key to effective out-of-home is brevity.


Choose graphic elements with a strong focal point. Use readable fonts and contrasting colors.

Bulletin Specs

Bleed your background by 6” on all four sides. This makes the overall vinyl size 1’ larger than the image area in both height and width.

The production facility should make 3” pockets on the back of the vinyl for installation. This does not change the overall size of the vinyl.

Tri-Vision Specs


TriVision/RigiBlade panels require no bleed. Bulletin templates can be used for this product, the bleed just has to be removed by cropping to the Live Area.

The individual blades will be cut to the specific panels required width in production.

Static Sign Templates:
Click on size needed and open in your design software to begin.
Digital Sign Templates:
Click on size needed and open in your design software to begin.
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